Thursday, March 03, 2005

Welcome, one and all.

The Zealot’s Lore was originally a website I set up at San Francisco State to post my own creative writing and that of Steven Jesse Bernstein, a Seattle writer I admired then and whose work I still love. That website is going through some changes, and when I’m done, it will be fully dedicated to Bernstein, as I find my own writing from that time completely unreadable. I’ll be finding a way to get some of my newer stuff online, but I don’t have that quite figured out yet.


Why start a blog? This ain’t a daily journal, I’ll tell ya that. I’m not here to write about how my day at work was, or how much fun I had at bowling night, or any of that crap.

Mostly, I imagine this will be a review column. My thoughts on what I’m reading, listening to, or watching. But I won't stop there. In a medium as uniquely responsive to its audience as comics, I know I can make a difference - you'll see me working tirelessly to help promote the books I really love, doing giveaways and contests, and connecting you to other folks who're doing the same. Basically, this is about digging my heels in, spitting in my palms, picking up that rope and doing my part to help drag the rest of the world to the promised land of great comics.

The great folks who make the comics I really love might get a new reader or two. Somebody who picks up an issue of, say, Small Gods or Elk's Run, curious because they've seen me raving about how great they are, might just find a new book that really turns 'em on. And I'll be right there in the middle, thrilled out of my mind just to be a part of it.

Thanks for taking a look. I hope I can make it interesting. I think I can.

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