Saturday, April 09, 2005

APE - my stash

Damn, but that was a packed show. I'll be headed out to the APE Aftermath party at the Isotope in a bit, but I wanted to drop in real quick and talk about what I picked up - I haven't had a chance to read any of this yet, but a lot of it looks really interesting.

Periphery #2 / Holmes #1, from O-P-P: Nice samurai art and a catchy cover grabbed my attention and then my three bucks.

Arsenic Lullaby: Year of the Fetus TPB, from AAA Milwaukee Publishing: I love this series. It's the only place I can get my fix of child molestation jokes and holocaust humor. Seriously fucked up, and writer/artist Doug was a really nice guy.

The J.W. Cotter 2005-Con Sketchbook Plus! from Josh Cotter (usually published by AdHouse Books: I love this guy's mini-comics. Skyscrapers of the Midwest is last year's winner of the Isotope Award for Excellence in Mini-Comics, and I can't wait for more.

Who's Yo Daddy? from 5ive Finger Discount / Jamurai: A Star Wars parody about young Anakin Skywalker wanting to grow up and be a black drug dealer. Sounds like it might be stupid, I know, but this was really funny when I flipped through it.

walk like tall birds by someone named Briana: Uh, no contact info anywhere here, but I thought the idea of a puppet story - with the puppeteer at the top of the page, moving the two animal characters around - was pretty charming as a concept.

Feed America's Children preview from Wildcard Productions: A free advance ashcan of a charity book with art from P. Craig Russell, Rom L:im, Keiron Dwyer, Darick Robertson, C.P. Smith, Joe Jusko, Jimmy Palmiotti, Phil Winslade and more. None of those guys look like they're in the ashcan, but hell, it was free.

The Way Things Are by Karen Luk: Cheap little mini-comic with some attractive princess-and-dragons art; worth 50 cents to me to find out if it's any good.

Band of Thieves #1 by some kids who didn't put their names on this thing: It was pretty cheap and I was talking to one of the kids who worked on it. The cover design was pretty damn sharp so I picked it up, but there's no information here at all about getting more.

Romance And Coffee #1 from Angry Bret Comics: Had a good conversation with this guy about shitty comic book movies and figured I'd try it out. He pitched it as "True Story Swear To God with more swear words."

Pirate Cove ashcans from Free. Plus there's more free at the website. Why not?

Midnight Creep and Matequilla del Pato from Post Apocalyptic Funhouse: The former is a "blues comic" which sounded interesting to me considering how much I liked Bluesman a couple months ago, and the the latter is a jam comic between that guy and this dude who drew a "hideous portrait" of me. Both were nice enough to draw a little sketch in the comics for me, which was cool. More of you people who get tables should do this - it makes an impression, really.

My Day from ticknart: I thought this was kinda funny when I was flipping through it, so I figured I'd try it out.

Joanna Estep Samples from (here's a shocker) Joanna Estep: Some nice art here. Good high-contrast B&W stuff with no grays, which is a style that usually appeals to me (see Frank Miller, Becky Cloonan, Eduardo Risso for folks who really kick ass with it).

U.T.L. (a preview) by Dave Bergland: I'm pretty sure this was free. Not sure what it's about yet, but worth taking a look for free, now isn't it?

Video #1 and Fragile Prophet #1 from Lost in the Dark Press: Pretty sharp production values and cover designs get you about 2/3 of the way towards selling me your comic. These guys also took some time to describe their pitch and concept - I gotta say, I had a few tables where I walked up and said, "What can you tell me about this stuff?" and they had nothing to say. "Well, what's this about?" Um, it's not really about anything. Why the hell did you buy a table, dumbass? (That's not these guys, I should be clear: they had their pitch and everything all set for me.)

inSECURITY Comics, File #2 from, well, inSECURITY Comics: This was a large-format comics (a little bigger than 8.5" x 11") for just a buck and it came with a pretty sweet sketch on the cover. That's enough for my dollar.

Paper Theater TPB from Alternative Comics: I read this in floppy format years ago and thought it was pretty damn funny. The square-bound trade was pretty big and just five bucks, which was good enough for me.

Murder Can Be Fun #17 by John Marr: A zine about kids from the pre-60's era, when the world was fun, doing awful things. Sounds funny to me, and it looks pretty researched.

Ragtag #3 from Punchthroat Productions: A cheap anthology of work from a shitload of artists, including Brian Wood and Jim Mahfood and a bunch of people I never heard of. Combining company like that means some of these folks might be up-and-comers, right? So it's worth five bucks to find out about 'em now.

jobnik! #1 from Real Gone Girl Studios: Autobiography about a girl who joined the Israeli army in late 1999, I think, or 2000. She had a desk job. Those two things seemed like a weird combination and I thought this might be worth a look.

An Open Place #1 by Jeremy Waltman: Again, sharp cover design is half the battle. Jeremy also had a pretty quick tongue when I asked him about the premise, and the art looked pretty nice, so I snagged the first issue.

Bon Jour le Muffin promo issue by Mike Adam and John Hageman Jr.: Another free one that got put in my hand. Nice cover.

Short "Graphic" Stories by Peter Kinne: The card in front of this one said something like, "Killer SUVs, Going into Las Vegas Whore Houses, and Cleaning Up After Tornadoes", and the whole table was auto-bio stuff. How is that not worth a look? This might be a fun one.

Scuttle from Scuttle Comics: Another free one. This was big, too - surprised it was free.

and, returning from last year,

A whole buttload of different mini-comics (and a small painting!) by Jeremy Tinder, who I met at last year's APE and whose stuff I liked a lot then. I think his work is charming and sweet, and a lot of it's funny as hell. I got ten minis and an original painting and a sketch of Mario and Yoshi for $25. It was the biggest single purchase I made this year, but I'm confident it'll be worth it. This guy does good stuff. Looking forward to reading the new pile.

That's it! I think I dropped almost a hundred bucks. My book bag was overflowing with comics. Now I gotta go drop these off at home and head on out to the APE Aftermath party at the Isotope and see who won this year's Isotope Award for Excellence in Mini-Comics. The last two winners, Josh Cotter and Rob Osborne, have done work I really loved, so I can't wait to see who won this year.


EDIT: Oh yeah, and I also got a poster of the cover to Flight Volume 2, and I got to meet Kazu Kibuishi, which was cool because I really loved Daisy Kutter. He was really nice and told me a little bit about his next project (!!) but that table was busier'n a mofo, so I didn't linger. The man had comics to sign.

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