Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Nominated for a Squiddy!

Well, I'll be damned. I've been nominated for something!

I appear under "Best Comics Reviewer" in the "First Pseudo-Nominee List" for the 2004 Squiddy Awards. Click here for the full list of nominations.

If you'd like to cast a vote, all you have to do is check out any of the newsgroups listed below or send an e-mail to Here are the groups where you can find a "ballot":


There are also a host of fun nomination categories, and some great stuff has been nominated. Demo sweeps with about a million nominations, and I'm glad to see Western Tales of Terror get a nod for best comics anthology - it's been a fun book, with cool short stories from the a host of great talent including Phil Hester (if you haven't read The Coffin or Deep Sleeper, check those out ASAP), Ryan Ottley (who's been knocking me out on Invincible), Jay Faerber (who writes Noble Causes, a great super-family book for Image that I just started reading), and of course, Josh Fialkov of Elk's Run fame.

Go take a look. And while you're there - vote for me!

(Need to do a little digging and make sure I'm up to snuff? You could go back and check out my reviews of 1000 Steps to World Domination, the Sin City movie, the new Stray Bullets trade, David Hine's Strange Embrace, or this week's advance review of Fragile Prophet for starters.)

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