Monday, June 20, 2005

Holy Crap

Batman Begins was awesome.

I mean, I knew the cast was great, and it had one of the best new directors from the last ten years, and it was picking up elements from the greatest Batman story ever (Year One, natch), but I had no idea that:

  • Bruce Wayne's father was an interesting, powerful character with the charisma to effectively haunt Bruce as an adult.
  • There's a middle ground between Dopey Slam-Whiz Batman and All Knowing Asshole Batman? He's a complex character? No way!
  • Ra's Al Ghul lived in such stunning scenery - man, talk about evocative settings.
  • Liam Neeson was so goddamn amazing as a screen presence (just kidding, I did know that).
  • The script would be so sharp - I mean, a few corny one-liners aside (It's not who you are inside, it's what you do that matters...), this was really killer dialogue. It really hit home when Liam Neeson explained who's fault the death of Bruce's parents was - what a scene.
  • Michael Caine is funny as hell.
  • The Batmobile didn't suck, and actually worked in the movie a lot better than I'd guessed from the promo stills.
  • "Christian Bale is one hot hunk of man." I put that in quotes so you'll believe me when I say that Molly said that, not me. But I can't disagree with her. Jesus, now that's an action movie physique.

Loved it. I don't think a comparison between this and Tim Burton's original works very well, because they try to do very different things - Burton's was a fantastical legend, and this was a dark character study. I loved both.

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