Thursday, June 30, 2005

Review: Jeffrey Brown's Any Easy Intimacy

I've got a new review up at Bookshelf Comics, for Jeffrey Brown's latest, Any Easy Intimacy (a.k.a. AEIOU). Here's a little piece of it:

Many of these scenes are touching, or interesting, or discreet. On an early date, Brown and Sophia stop outside a store and look into the window – Brown exclaims, “Look at all the cool spatulas!” and the two share a smiling moment after the girl laughs. It’s odd, and quiet, and affecting. One of the things that makes romance really believable is when two folks who normally feel a bit strange suddenly find themselves comfortable when in each other’s company – this scene convincingly conveys that experience in two pages, a fine example of combining efficiency with subtlety.

The full review is at the link. While you're there, you can check out our new interview with Tom Beland of True Story Swear To God fame and acclaim, and if you check out the "Party Of Five" feature you'll find a brief essay from Mr. James Sime, whose brilliant Isotope - The Comic Book Lounge reopened at incredible new digs last night.

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